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If you've been itching for a chance to see me perform in something, here's an opportunity! I've been doing old radio plays with my friends for just over a year now, and they're a lot of fun. Ben takes old broadcast recordings, transcribes them into a usable script, and then we perform the shows for a live audience, standing at microphones. We even do the sound effects live, right there where everyone can see them. It can be amazingly hectic and hilarious and fun, and it's all very casual. Most of the performers are actors/voiceover talent/writers.

Originally starring Jimmy Stewart and Joan Blondell, Destry Rides Again is a unique Western, originally produced for radio by Lux. Admission's free. See you then!
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I'll be doing a live old-time radio performance once again with Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear this coming Sunday, in Oak Park.

We've got two scripts, the main event of which is the adaptation of A Christmas Carol which ran for many years with Orson Welles as the lugubrious and overblown narrator, sponsored by Campbell Soups. I'm playing Mrs. Cratchit in that one. In the other play, I am a squeaky mother mouse telling her mouse children all about Santa.

It should be a silly good time. We read the plays right in front of our audience, at microphone stands, scripts in hand. Ben'll be at the table to the side of us, doing all of the sound effects right there.

They should have cookies and punch and things, I think, and it's free admission, so um, yeah!


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