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I am at my mom's house right now. It's a testament to how much she loves her internets that I am here with two huge bags of laundry, and I can smell the beef stew perking away in the crockpot right across the room. She also came to pick me up, when normally I will schlep myself by bus and train to a stop a few miles down the road from her house.

She did something with pressing a reset button on her router, because an electrician was working on the house (they're totally gutting and refurbishing the kitchen) thereby messing up her wi-fi, and so her laptop was basically unable to play funny videos of cats falling off counters or middle-aged dudes juggling to the Beatles.

You do not understand how serious this sort of thing is.

So, I was a little nervous, because getting this router set up in the first place was close to a nightmare. I vaguely remember being terribly ill with some fever/flu bug, and feeling exhausted, and her worrying over me and her laptop, and after a couple hours of swearing under my breath I finally gave in and called tech support, which routed me to India, where a very nice man had me throwing noodles and imaginary turtles at the router and the laptop until bing!, suddenly GMailing-whilst-ignoring-Murder, She Wrote-on-the-couch was within my mother's grasp once again.

Thankfully, she hadn't messed with the router settings at all, and she'd only reset the router and modem once or twice, which is good for their metaphorical digestive systems, so I held out hope that I could avoid calling some 800 number.

The network had re-named itself like a rebellious teenager, so I named it back to the old SSID, and then had to poke around for a while until I could find the sub-tab hidden menu cow level where I could turn off security on the wireless. Yeah, I know - but they live in the freaking woods, practically. She's surrounded by networks, too, so it's not like anyone's going to gank her bandwidth.

The funniest moment was when I called downstairs: "Hey, Goofy Lady, got any extra cat5?" She said she didn't know, and came upstairs to root through her various caches of old wires and phone cords and power supplies, but nary a cable was to be seen. I began eyeballing the cable to her PC, but all the furniture I'd have to navigate to use it for the laptop made me cranky. I glanced at the router, and realized there was a yellow piece of cat5 that terminated somewhere near where the laptop was set up. Well, hm. Looks like the last time I worked on this, I left the cable there in case this sort of situation ever arose again. So smrt, me.

The dryer just stopped, so I better move this laundry around a bit before mom and her husband get back from errands. Perhaps I can find a site where I can run the Beatles juggling video on repeat, so that it's playing when she comes in. That would be cool.


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