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Rimed pebbles tend not to cascade so easily.
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A sort of badly-written account of how I got a car for Christmas.
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When throwing a surprise baby shower for your little brother's wife, the trick is to act casual.

Also, I never notified you about the short post I wrote in the wee hours.
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Yeah, I spent a good chunk of my day playing a game. What of it?
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I skipped a day or two here, but I just have been feeling sort of out of it, writing-wise. It's sort of difficult to create content every single day when I am feeling so much like there's nothing to really write about. I have to continually remind myself that the stuff I enjoy writing the most, and also is appreciated the most by visitors, is usually about the sweet nothings the world whispers in my ear. I just gotta chill, man. Make a pot of tea and let go of my writing angst.

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Take a ride with me.
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No photos were harmed in the making of this entry!

Also, lemon light, movie set just got bested over at Holidiailies, which makes me smile.
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Oh, I never did give you a heads-up for yesterday's entry, tiptoe down to the holy places. There's also a strange cast over the city by day, which I tried to describe. Dunno if I succeeded.
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A wee entry, with a return of the creepy bus of Christmas Past.
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OMG Christmasbus!

really, what more do I need to say?
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In which I describe my daily commute, which is a microcosm of asking for the days where things go a little more smoothly.
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Changing the way I slumber, noticing the way I fill the hours with dreams, it's a REM adaptation.
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"Oh, Mr. ROCHester ..."

"Yes, Mr. Benny?"

"Krystyn's posted a new entry. You should go read it."

"Yes, Mr. Benny."
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Mmmmmmmmmmmm, sushi.

I went into the backend of the blog database I'm using to update over at glitterbook, and found that the first entry I posted somehow got flagged as 'private.' I toggled it to 'publish,' and people seem to be seeing it just fine now. Hooray!
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I was not even able to update yesterday cos things were just a constant, pleasant busyness.

(I think people will be able to see this entry - I may re-post the other one so that people can read it, but I gotta get to bed)
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It's that time of year again, for the Holidailies challenge. Can I write for a whole month, daily? Is it a lame gift cos it's not on your Amazon wishlist, and I didn't wrap it, and there's no return receipt?

Too fkn bad, kids.

You can find the first entry here: http://www.glitterbook.com/2006/?p=3



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