Oct. 2nd, 2009 01:35 am
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October 1st was the, what, sixth anniversary of Project Mu, the codename/campaign title for what was more commonly known as the Metacortechs ARG.

It remains one of my favorite projects ever completed, and I am counting it among all the plays and musicals and concerts and writing projects and other ARGs I've worked on - it was a learning experience, but also an infuriatingly delightful reminder of our amazing potential as human beings to come together as a group of individuals looking to discover a story as a group.

Our fanfiction of the Matrix universe was faithful without calling obvious parallels (beyond the Metacortechs/Metcortex name and a single shout-out to Thomas Anderson), and yet still managed to live and breathe on its own.

It was also a project that benefitted quite well from the story creators, who did an incredible job supplying an arc that had me feverishly creating content for every single day and night. I was updating hacker conversations from the Reception desk of a job I would soon grow to hate, and I was coming home late at night from play rehearsals, ignoring the housework so that I could plop down in my computer chair and make short videos or create puzzle images.

The alternate reality is not virtual in these experiences. It's simply another way of looking at your world - placing yourself in shoes you might not have ever chosen for yourself, but fit quite well.

Off and running through a narrative, a chase through a large, leafy labyrinth with treasure and manticores around nearly every corner.

Happy October 1st, friends. May Alternate Reality Games continue to grow and flourish for the sake of the narrative and the players for a good, long while.


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