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If you missed it, I put up a post yesterday afternoon which has a list of approximately 40 Lab-generated perfume imps from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab that I'd like to swap, or sell.

(If you saw the post shortly after I posted it, know that I fixed some of the source code. I had thought that if I did rich text formatting, it would help me generate the lj-cuts a lot more efficiently. I was wrong. How frustrating. I will type them out from now on.)

Anyway, Autumn asked about purchasing the imps, and I think yeah, that would be totally cool. $1.50 per imp, and if you buy 4, you can get a 5th for free. I'll pay for shipping and packing, so you're getting a pretty nice deal.

Clayfoot, for Willow I would recommend getting the following scents out of my list:

Black Opal
Titus Andronicus
Santo Domingo

So, whatcha want? *toothy gleam*

(comments turned off here, so I can keep track of everything in the other post!)
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So, there's what I have, plus generally, what I want from General Catalogue. D'you have imps or decants of limited editions I might like? For reference, I love Midway, Beaver Moon, Pumpkin Patch #2 (pumpkin with cocoa), Pink Phoenix, Spooky, Red Lantern. Sweet and foody sans musk = Big Love.
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for those of us who are addicted, this is a near-pornographic photograph. ;)

In the background, you can see the postcard I got from them, as well as the totally adorable imp box I got from Nova for Christmas - it has a bee theme to it! She also filled it with some imps, which makes her totally The Best.
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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab scents that I have tried thus far:

Medicine Show
Miskatonic University
Centzon Totochtin

... and today, I am wearing Dragon's Milk. It smells like something comforting, like taking a long bath with a really expensive, milk-based soap, that has this resiny undertone to it that reminds me of preparing to play the violin as a kid (the rosin for the bow, natch). This is a scent to wear when I am feeling a bit low, and want nothing more than to curl up on the couch and be sad or cranky or whatever. It keeps wafting gently over me, and it's making me smile.


Jun. 27th, 2005 10:55 am
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I'm a little sad I spritzed on a bit of the ol' Tresor before leaving the house this morning, since I had a small, happy envelope from [livejournal.com profile] pencat waiting for me in the mail at my office.

I've got three Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab imps to try out, and she also included this wickedly-sweet vial of Pink Sugar, by Aqualina, which is reading as 3 parts cotton candy, 1 nudge of white musk, and a poke in the arm of Love's Baby Soft, which would normally turn me right off, except that it sort of reminds me of this crush I had about 5 or 6 years ago. It's definitely candy-like, and seems like it should come in a lipgloss-sized roller-ball clear applicator, with maybe a gold or pink plastic cap.

Heh, I wasn't too far off:

I might have to put this one away in a drawer, since the musk is really overpowering anything else I might smell in here, heh. :) See, I think that's the thing: musk is not one of my favorite scents, but it's less because of a dislike, and more because to my nose it obliterates any other notes. I suppose this might be a comment for the Duh Department, but musk on others always makes me feel like they're being pushy, and aggressive, not allowing anyone else to have territorial space. I feel pushed back by musk. Does that make sense?

So, I'll give this one a shot, but not until these other lovely little imps have been sampled thoroughly. I do admit, I put a bit of Velvet at my neck already, but it's not reading out very well because of the aforementioned Pink Sugar and the Tresor that's mostly faded, but is still quite present.


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