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Birthdate:Aug 15
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
I'm back in the Chicago area, baybeeeeeeee.
Please note: I am not Kristen Rutherford, and I am not behind Our Colony. :)

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3092 4957 8631 1612

Names under which I've posted to this journal:

glee in stasis
she who dreams in sepia
Slumpo McTired
Thursday Next
Citrus Sour
Susan Death
Chicago's Tour Guide
Lord Alfred Tennis, Anyone?
Erstwhile Dalang
Lux et umbra vicissim, sed semper amore (Light and shadow by turns, but always love.)
wellsie to the pants
krystyn with two ys

I live in Chicago North Carolina
California North Carolina Maryland North Carolina Chicago.

Krystyn's books

The Magician's Land

liked it

It was easy to keep reading the third book, although I felt like the last section was very choppy, as if suddenly the author realized he needed to wrap up a whoooooole bunch of loose ends and started to weave at the last 100 pages.


The Cat Who Could Read Backwards

liked it

Dated, but capably written. I can't help but imagine that Qwilleran's mustache is some sort of euphemism, the way it twitches and feels emotions like some sort of prehensile sentient thing. It was sort of gross.

Some of the character s...

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