Sep. 20th, 2006

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Currently, the Unforums are in the process of being re-loaded after a hacker attempt to send spam out via the server crashed everything. Spacebass and many others are working furiously to recover some semblance of functionality to the community (HOORAY FOR SPACEBASS!), while also ensuring that the security is much stronger, so this sort of thing is not as likely to occur again anytime soon.

All this to say that yes, Virginia, Bungie Studios do want a Humpday Challenge with Beekeepers (people who played ilovebees), and the tentative night for this is one week from today.

There is a thread in the Console Gaming forum to gather info and interested peeps to discuss details, but until the forums are back, I can make this post an ersatz gathering place in the meantime.

At this point in time, I do not have any concrete information about the exact time, the exact format, or what rules will be in place. I think all I would ask at this time is for people who played ilovebees (yes, even if you just followed along and listened to the radio play as the game progressed, you played =) ) and who play Halo 2 on XBoxLive to get first consideration for inclusion in that evening's roster.

There's been some discussion over having a rotation of players, which might work, depending on how many people we get.

If anyone has anecdotal evidence (Frankie's writeups seem to be more smacktalk than structure) about how these things shakedown technically, I would appreciate the feedback in comments.

Fire away!

(Also, please spread the word to other beekeepers! Bookmark this post!)


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