Aug. 3rd, 2006

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The weather broke.

The heat wave wasn't so terrible that people were in awful danger. Oh, no. But it was this relentless wave, not at all indicative of summer's charm. Summer's charm = where the heavy mantle of humidity lifts a bit, sometimes even giving a chill breeze or a damp, cold dew in the wee hours. Not here. Not this past week. Temperatures stayed heavy and hot, an oven turned on high for 36, 72, 10 million hours straight. No break, no cycle, no lilting bridge leading back to the chorus.

The storm started just as I was getting home from work. I stepped off the bus and ducked into the taqueria for flautas. I'd thought to myself, "enchiladas," but at the last minute craved crunchy over saucy. Rain drops pelted me as I walked the rest of the way home. Thunder and lightning danced outside in tandem for hours, until finally, I braved a quick peek, and pushed open a kitchen window to see if the temp had dropped. The roiling humid heat that spilled in left my scalp instantly prickly, so I shut it again, and sighed at the A/C running for another day straight.

This morning, however, brought the change, and even though rain still pattered down steadily, the temperature was far more habitable. Windows were opened, and a determined finger punched the 'off' button on the A/C.

Now, I am sitting on my futon after a nice meal of organic pesto tortellini and a veggie burger on whole grain toast (mayo, bbq sauce, vidalia slice), and the air's even cooler, ever sweeter. This is what a summer night should be - that piece of dusky coolness that holds the grime and sweat of the day in itself as a memory, but gives us a bit more strength to hang on a little longer. This is the weather I remember from sneaking into parks back in college, and swinging on the swings until 1 AM with friends, the wind whistling and rushing in that private way as you hit the pinnacle, the feel of a damp breeze hitting your eyelids, your cheeks. It is the kind of summer weather where you constantly feel poised for a first kiss.


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