Apr. 7th, 2006

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I sat for an hour on the runway last night, and I listened to channel 9 on the armrest headset. Pushing tin, they say, and it was mindlessly fascinating. I felt like tapping my feet and drinking coffee to the rhythmic, repetitive chatter.

I was up too late last night once we got back to Ty's house, and I showed him the XBox I got for him, and we played Halo CE, and he kept killing Keyes, so our twinned Master Chiefs kept dying by our own men, as they turned red on our motion tracker, and Cortana shrilly announced that we'd gone "rampant." Too funny. He also kept falling down into that one cockpit area with the ladder, and I had to keep saying, "look left, OK, use the right stick, move forward. Stop. Look up. Slowly. Move forward. Kill those marines. You're going to die now. Look left. That's Keyes' body. Good job."

Red Robin was for lunch today - I had a chicken burger, and this drink called freckled lemonade -- crushed strawberries in lemonade, with an extra wedge of lemon perched on the rim of the glass.

I helped Ty plant 7 lavender sproutlings in the backyard, hacking away at tree roots and clay-rich soil typical to Houston, and then filling in with potting soil, troughing the chunks of clay to hold the water as we drenched it all. It should smell lovely when it all grows. He's got some amazing flowers and vines and aloes coming along now. It's one of the few things about city living that I regret: not being able to shape pieces of nature like that, to create a respite. I do what I can with houseplants.

Rented games, movies. We watched Super Troopers, and I laughed my ass off. Favorite moment: "Enhance. Enhance. Enhance."

Brandy's sister had her baby today, a little girl I think they are calling Taylor. Brandy keeps zonking out. It might be an early night for us tonight.

Man, I am tired.


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