Feb. 26th, 2006

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Narcolepsy is the thing that cool kids do when you're me. And I am a COOL KID.

I re-made the bed this afternoon. Pillowcases for 5 down pillows. New sheet, well-fluffed comforter. Ah.

Freshly-showered me, with dabs of a BPAL oil called Athens, which is honey and myrrh, so I felt cozy and warm and sweet. The bed looked quite inviting, and so I took this strange long nap where I dreamed I was Veronica Mars. Except I was me, and I was looking for the Blue M&M all over town, and had also forgotten where I had parked my rental car. There was a hot guy I was hitting on who owned an enviable stack of CD singles/rarities by A-Ha and Crowded House, and there was also a mystery I said I'd solve for free: a bunch of boys got stood up for some school dance, and I suspected that they had been the target of a practical joke. They gave me the flowers they had intended to give to their dates, as payment. Nice touch.

Not sure why I've been so sleepy this weekend, but since I love the sleep thing, I'll let it stand.


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