Feb. 21st, 2006

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This past weekend was pretty jam-packed with activity and stimuli. I actually spent the better part of yesterday either feeling a little numb, or moping about my apartment, feeling vaguely unsettled.

The weekend started with a small rumble at some point during the day on Thursday - the terrible weather outside coincided with Nova's flight, and she was soon enough grounded in Indianapolis, of all places. She ended up taking a freaking bus to Chicago's O'Hare airport, where I then guided her as gently and calmly as possible to a warmly-lit taqueria a block from my apartment.

We had dinner there, poor Nova decompressing over an awful travel day, about to gnaw through her new laptop she was so hungry. We then chilled at my place for the rest of the evening - she was entirely evil and brought a whole container full of BPAL perfumes for me to try (and steal!). I played Halo online as well, introducing Nova to the wacky beekeepers. Woody tried to get me to play Mario Kart, but I can only grab a wifi signal strong enough whilst standing in my shower. I am sure Nova thinks I am strange enough already. And even though she and I had no trouble at all hanging out in person after a ten year gap, I just didn't feel right about going to huddle in my tub, muttering, "dang it, stupid Wario red-shelled Peach before I could power slide grrrrrrruhhhh!"

I set the alarm too damned early the next morning, but I had to: groceries were on the way. I fixed up slices of tomato and onion for the bagels and cream cheese and lox I got, and we had a mighty fine breakfast, we did, and Nova plugged in all of her electronics, and grabbed a decent signal from the neighbors for her laptop which held steady the entire weekend.

And then, we headed out.

An explosion of the senses follows; an adventure on the rails )

To be continued!
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Hey, awesome:

I got a little package of perfumes from Scrappy today. How sweet! She had said she'd send along some Mercury, but now I've got me some Santo Domingo, Hollywood Babylon, Madrid, and Black Cat!


I am so behind on trying out all the imps I have, because I keep wearing my favorites. I gotta get on that.

Oh, and Nova: I like Holiday Moon quite a lot. I was surprised.


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