Feb. 19th, 2006

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One of my favorite moments from yesterday was when Kristen dispensed with hand-made turtles (with festive valentiney sprinkles on them, natch), and gave Caspian his own treat of Turkish Delight. Dude. That was so incredibly cool.

So, throughout pizza-eating and Ozy-mocking, I formulated a plan.

I flashed Caspian my most conspiratorial smile and said, ever-so-casually, "Hey, so like, what say you trade me a piece of that Turkish Delight for one o' my turtles? Hmm?"

He brightened up at that, and showed his pure sweetness and generosity by saying, "Well, you know, those turtles are pretty big, and so I think maybe you should get two pieces of this for one of your turtles."

I sat there for a split second, wondering why I was even sitting there thinking about it, and I turned to him and said, "SOLD!"

He totally anti-haggled me. ROCK ON.
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I totally forgot to mention this, as I don't tend to notice clothes or fashion unless it's something truly remarkable, but Kristen's shoes were totally awesome.

Rock on with the shoes, Kristen, my friend! And, she said excitedly, "They're so comfortable!"

Sadly, I won't get to have coffee with her and her parents tomorrow, but I know I'll get to see her again sometime this year.

Woot woot.


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