Feb. 16th, 2006

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My Black Phoenix Enabler arrives tomorrow. The world may never be the same!

Woot woot!
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I've had sort of a bad morning, but my mood seems to be bobbing along enough that I am staying afloat.

but, see:
1. I got out of the house a little late. No big. I've been finding that my CTA-fu has been lucky enough that even when I push the very latest edge of the transit envelope, I can still waltz in the door to work clutching brekky and a coffee with a minute to spare.

2. But then there was a train just leaving as all of us Bus Kids descended to the tunnel. Train operators wait for no man or woman, generally. Well, sometimes they do. They're a fickle lot.

3. It strikes me that I had better dig out my phone and have it ready to dial work now, because my luck has run out, and I will be a few minutes late. There is no phone in my bag. I do remember prepping it to put in my bag, but admittedly don't recall actually dumping it in the big front zippered pocket. Schiesse. I can't call work to let them know I am running a few minutes late. Well, it'll be OK, since it's not urgent that I am there right on the 8 o'clock dot, but I'll just hope that I can scoot in, get settled, and not lose too much time to the Late Fairies.

4. Nova's coming into town today, and has my cell number to call once she lands at O'Hare. Um. Now she can't reach me. Idiotically, I never wrote down her number, I just programmed it into my phone. I don't, therefore, have her number.

5. My boss was already sitting at her desk when I arrived. She is my new boss. The one who gets to see me come in ten minutes late on her second day. Fabulous. It irks me because it's a tiny hurdle to burn, in terms of first impressions. I am sure my reputation here precedes me, and will continue to be a boon, but man, I was so annoyed at myself.

In the time since those first few awfully annoying minutes of the day, I've had my coffee, I've vented, I've played some Mario Kart (and actually came in 2nd on one of the races. Learning how to drift dramatically increased my playing ability. Oh, the instruction booklet tells you how to do that? LIKE I READ THOSE THINGS), I've obtained Ms. Enabler's phone number and left her a message to call me at work when she arrives in what appears to be Seattle, but is actually Chicago.

The building I am in is doing its best pirate ship impression - the swaying and creaking in the wet, rainy bluster outside is highly evocative, even here in Corporate Cube Land.

Also, sushi for lunch. Also, Choward's Violet Mints. Also also wik.


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