Jan. 31st, 2010


Jan. 31st, 2010 05:28 pm
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I just wanted to post that I really, really like Caprica.

I think if you've never watched Battlestar Galactica, you will still enjoy it - there is some very solid sci-fi stuff going on in the series, but similar to BSG, there is also a LOT of room for some lovely human interaction that is well-written and feels very real, very down-to-Earth. The use of color is ... well, I really LOVE excellent use of color, so let's just say it's awesome, and helps to tell the story. The camera shots in general are a pleasure to watch - the series is filmed with a 3 or 4 camera method, so most of the scenes you're seeing - reaction shots, longer sequences of dialogue from different angles - so many of those are edited from the same take. There is a very organic feel and flow to each scene, as a result.

One top-down shot of a glass being lifted from a wooden table, leaving a ring behind, is one of my favorites. Once you know why that shot is significant, know that what it does narratively is just one example of how the camera work helps to tell the story.

Also, Eric Stoltz! Esai Morales! Really excellent unknowns!

And, if you *are* one of those people that has watched and generally loved BSG, there are many, many little moments that resonate and give meaning to later events in the chronology of these people. The style of Caprica is different from BSG, definitely, but there are threads running through it that give more life to what happens after Baltar and Six first meet.

I am really excited about what's to come.


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