Jan. 20th, 2010

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Broiled spinach feta chicken sausages, bowtie pasta with spinach, carrot, red pepper, a handful of edamame. That was dinner tonight, eaten late, and so now it feels like the night was wasted, but dinner was delicious, and I got a sinkful of pots and pans washed, so I guess it wasn't a total loss.

I still swoop between okay moods and bad ones, but the low dips are so much higher than they used to be. It's good. It's not quite equilibrium, but I'll take what I can get. Still intensely grateful for my job, and still loving my apartment very much.

Oh, and I returned two library books I was having trouble getting started. I really want to get my eyes checked and see if I need to get reading glasses. Basically, I just have to sit down and arrange a good time that is not going to cut into work. And then, see if getting eyewear is in any way affordable if I need serious corrective lenses. I doubt I do, since I don't have huge issues with blurriness, but I bet it is time to do something about where I'm at right now, at the very least. If I really want to read, I can catch up on the Arkady Renko books, since Dave T. has so kindly supplied me with everything out there that currently exists in the extraordinarily lucky Russian detective's adventures.

Now that I am getting past being cranky about L.A. in general, it's sort of shocking to me to look back and realize how stressed out I was. Each day, something about my current life reminds me, and I am so, so glad that I am no longer in that place. It's not even the same sort of pressure I felt in the last months before I left Chicago, but it still had the same sort of viselike grip, a perspective-altering sort of rollercoaster ride where the nausea lasts for weeks on end.

The vertigo is finally passing.

I also got a big box full of sweets from Australia, sent by my most excellent friend, Ali. I have chewed through most of the sour grape chews (Zappo), eaten a couple more of the cream-filled cookies than I should have, and crunched a few fizzy Fruit Tingles. I am all sugared up now, but also feeling the fizzy warmth of mailbox love. I look forward to being able to get back in the care package biz myself someday, because it's just as fun to send stuff out, I think.

While I ate dinner tonight, I watched some more Middleman eps on DVD. Man, I really love that show the more I watch it. Lots of pop culture references get dropped, and each time I watch an ep, I pick up one or two more. That show also did a really excellent job of preserving continuity, too: you could watch each ep separately, but if you were following the show intensely, they also threw in callbacks to previous events. Good times. Still sad it got canceled, though. I want to make an ARG for it.

Oh, and I can't quite decide if I find it vaguely irritating or totally hilarious that there is a Wilhelm scream in every single episode. It's very Where's Waldo?, and sometimes their choice of where to stick the sound cue is really quite clever and funny. Aw heck, OK, it's hilarious. And sometimes, there's more than one instance of the scream in an episode. It's very silly.


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